The eNOVA documentation portal

The eNOVA documentation portal

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One single source for all kinds of knowledge on the Wipcore eNOVA e-commerce platform. Whether you are a developer, a user or just curious about the most competent e-commerce platform on the market, this portal is for you, and we've collected everything we've got, from code samples, the entire Wipcore eNOVA class library to simple hands-on tips for the user.


Wipcore eNOVA is one of the most complete, flexible and high-performing e-commerce platforms on the market. But with all the opportunities and possibilities available, you need clear guidelines and best practice hints in order to make the most of the platform potential. In order to give you the knowledge and the power to put your e-commerce solution one step ahead, we've created WIN – one single source of knowledge for everything on Wipcore eNOVA.

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Apart from technical documentation, WIN contains, among other things, Q & A (questions and answers), downloads and news associated with our products. This portal will continue to evolve and in the future you will find user and developer forums, blogs as well as other interactive services.

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The portal is one way to add an edge to your daily work, regardless if you're in the process of building a complex e-commerce solution for a big client or if you're administrating your company's e-commerce web site. Your opinions and your needs are what determine the content of Wipcore Information Network. Don't hesitate to get in touch if you think something is missing out, or if you have an idea of how to improve the portal and make it easier and more valuable for you to use. Mail us at