Published: 2013-01-17

New release eNOVA 6.0.1

eNOVA 6.0.1 Release notes

We continuously do improvements on performance and usability and add on new features. These are the news in the eNOVA 6.0.1 version.

New functionality:

  • The Personal Data Act For any consumer demanding the removal of personal data we have now added an automatic routine for the compliance with the Personal Data Act. Customer data will be removed when no longer needed, or when demanded from a customer. Such data are prevented from being removed when still needed for i.e. completing an ongoing order process.
  • Search Engine Optimization improvements Wipcore always work to improve in the SEO area. In this version you can control the SEO data better, you are i.e. able to control the display of search results in Google and other search engines. In the administration you can control metadata, keywords, descriptions, automatic title build up from different key fields. Or enter text manually.
  • eNOVA search
    • The search engine is now improved to deliver more relevant search results than previously.
    • The search engine is faster and more efficient due to memory management.
  • Responsive design White label site with a complete responsive design possible to view the site on all screen sizes.
  • System texts can now be edited directly in the web.
  • Improved product filter New product filter features make it possible to filter on different attributes and values i.e. color, size or any other attribute
  • Smoother purchasing process with Klarna checkout The new integration with Klarna checkout offers the customer a smooth purchasing process. For more information about the Klarna checkout please visit:
  • Improved price list handling In Back Office improvements are made in the price list forms. If you handle many price lists they are now easier to find and easier to work with.

Tech news:

  • Upgraded to .NET 4
  • Upgraded to Mvc 4
  • Upgraded Autofac
  • New CMS template for developers
  • Easier use of Continuous Integration in projects, continuous deploys and nightly builds etc.
  • Web Foundation package easier to receive
  • Easier to use Unit tests (Unit tests are of course recommended to use in all projects).
  • Added mini profiler in Web Foundation which makes it easier to track performance issues directly on each page.
  • Some bug fixes have been done.
  • WebFoundation has lots of new functionality to improve performance and development speed. Some speed improvements you get without code changes and some you have to change your code to take advantages of. Detailed information is available in a Word document in the Web Foundation zip file, found in the Download section.